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European Pet Food Industry Federation promotes responsible pet ownership in schools

The European Pet Food Industry Federation, FEDIAF, is promoting its Responsible Pet Ownership program with a new video trailer that explains the group's resources for teachers in educating young children about pet ownership.

The four-minute trailer shows cats and dogs, and their relationships and interactions with families and children. The intro is provided by the FEDIAF secretary general, and a teacher follows with testimony on the development and practical use of FEDIAF's educational materials for schools.

Teaching materials include "Fascinating Cats" and "Fascinating Dogs" for primary school children, and "Dogs and young children" for children over the age of 3. The school programs were developed by educational experts and are published in English on FEDIAF's website, with translations done by national petfood industry associations also posted.

The video trailer can be downloaded online from FEDIAF.

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