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Frozen, fresh petfood company named to 'List of Best Pet Foods'

My Perfect Pet, a frozen and fresh petfood company in California, USA, has been added to the 2012 Truth About Pet Food "List of Best Pet Foods."

The list was compiled to raise awareness of and recommend the best petfood companies based on four criteria: quality of ingredients, transparency/customer service, "things" known about the petfood industry from research, and integrity based on quality, care and concern for customers, according to the list's developer, food safety advocate, Susan Thixton.

“To be recognized as a top commercial petfood company by a professional expert such as Susan Thixton, who truly knows and understands the importance of knowledge and its impact on pet health is such an honor,” said president of My Perfect Pet, Karen Scoggins. “Within days of posting 'The List,' My Perfect Pet has been selected by nationally recognized teams as superior to the big companies that once ruled the petfood industry.”

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