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Pet Food Brazil Manual says 69 percent of 2011 pet industry revenue came from petfood

The Brazilian Association of the Pet Product Industry updated its Pet Food Brazil Manual, which says the country now has one pet for every two inhabitants, causing the pet industry to reach BRL12.2 billion (US$6.5 billion) in 2011, with 69 percent of the revenue from petfood.

The Pet Food Brazil manual was released as an update to the older, PIQ PET Manual, which was developed six years ago by the association's technical groups, comprised of professionals from petfood companies and universities. The manuals aim is to provide the public, academic and private institutions of the sector with a reference for food quality and safety, as well as to provide information on technical and quality standards of raw material, nutritional parameters, applicable analytical methodologies and the ideal production conditions in order to ensure safe petfood production.

"Our country holds important position and the quality of the products needs to meet consumers' expectations. The use of the Manual increases the reliability on the industry and also ensures the compliance with all rules and regulations in force," said the association's CEO, José Edson Galvão de França.

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