Pet Food News
on September 12, 2012

PetHub to expand services into overseas markets

US-based company announced 400 retailers in the Netherlands now have access to its Internet services

USA-based PetHub Inc. will expand into the markets of Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Germany, South Africa and the Netherlands, Tom Arnold, founder, announced at the World Pet Association’s SuperZoo trade show for pet product retailers.

In August, the company had a successful “soft launch” outside of the US and Canada into other English-speaking countries. The launch includes translated versions of the website, starting with Dutch and German.

“The market is driving which languages we support first,” said Arnold. “Four hundred retail stores in the Netherlands...are now able to provide our Internet services, quickly followed by Swiss and German distributors.”

PetHub Inc. licenses the use of its smartphone-scannable technology and Web services to manufacturers looking to offer pet owners the ability to link a tag to a free Internet profile. Each profile linked to a tag can show emergency contacts, vaccinations, license and rabies tag numbers, microchip codes, animal caretaker details and more.

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