Pet Food News
on November 6, 2012

Instinct offers variety-pack of grain-free canned cat diets

New package offers a selection of 12 cat food cans in three different proteins

Instinct, a natural and grain-free petfood brand, has introduced a variety pack with its Instinct grain-free canned diets for cats.

This package offers 12, 5.5-ounce cans in three different proteins: Chicken Formula, Duck Formula and Salmon Formula. The company says the formulas include 95 percent pure animal protein and 5 percent fruits and vegetables, formulated for all life stages and breeds of cats.

“Instinct Cans variety packs provide a simple solution for cat owners who want variety without having to juggle lots of cans during their shopping experience,” said Melissa Werges, Instinct Cat brand manager. “We wanted to offer a pre-packaged option that’s easy to pick up and carry, that also provides variety and a true value to the pet parent.”

The new variety pack of cat food will be available at pet specialty retailers in the US and Canada in December.

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