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Former P&G executive to launch super premium petfood company

A former Procter & Gamble executive is getting ready to launch his own super premium petfood company, Petbrosia.

Keith Johnson, who recently retired from petfood maker Procter & Gamble after 18 years, will begin taking orders for petfood shipments on March 1 via, which will offer a petfood formula customized for individual pets and delivered directly to consumers. The company uses proprietary algorithms to determine nutritional needs of individual pets based on factors such as breed, age, weight and medical conditions provided by their owners.

“We’re taking a lot of guesswork out of the equation for the consumer,” Johnson said. “People have a higher understanding of health, they’re doing more for their pets, and they understand that one-size-fits-all does not work.”

Johnson started by making product through contract manufacturers and has not yet decided on a location for the company when it begins adding its own petfood production operations. Johnson projects Petbrosia's first-year revenue to be US$3 million. He is currently in the process of beginning marketing efforts, as well as seeking another US$400,000 in seed funding from investors.

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