Pet Food News
on January 30, 2013

Diamond Pet Foods opens new petfood manufacturing facility

Petfood facility in Ripon, California, USA, results in creation of more than 75 jobs

Petfood manufacturer Diamond Pet Foods recently opened a new manufacturing facility in Ripon, California, USA, creating more than 75 jobs, the company says.

The petfood manufacturing facility, the company's fourth, has created jobs in manufacturing, quality control, administration and maintenance. The company says it expanded its production to better-serve its growing West Coast customers.

Diamond Pet Foods purchased the facility, previously owned by Neenah Paper, in 2010. Diamond renovated the facility over approximately 20 months using local contractors. It was expanded to include additional buildings, including a mill tower for petfood ingredient storage. The 150-acre Ripon facility also features an on-site solar farm, which the company says provides 20 percent of its power.

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