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Deputy Justin Biggs' German Shepherd, Boss, received a Kevlar vest donated by Trouw.
on March 7, 2013

Trouw Nutrition donates Kevlar vests to working K-9s

Ten vests donated to police, sheriff’s departments across the US as part of annual campaign to give back to companion animals

Each year, Trouw Nutrition, supplier of premix and specialty ingredients, gives back to companion animals for their hard work and dedication. Trouw's most recent donation was of 10 Kevlar vests to help protect working K-9s--dogs in the military, law enforcement and homeland security that are put in danger each day when doing their jobs.

Trouw purchased the vests from Kevlar for K-9s, a nonprofit organization whose goal is to help protect America’s working K-9s. One of these vests would reportedly cost nearly US$840 for a department to purchase for a K-9. “It was a good match,” said Lesley Gerard, marketing project coordinator for Trouw. “We are always looking to ways to give to pets.”

Trouw donated the Kevlar vests to 10 different locations throughout the US during the 2012 holiday season. Recipients included police and sheriff’s departments in California, Georgia, Illinois and Indiana.

“These vests are a vital tool to help us protect our partner,” said Deputy Justin Biggs of the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Department in Illinois, whose partner, Boss, received one of the donated vests.

Scott Saalborn's Dutch Shepherd, Brix, from the Quincy, Illinois, USA, police department also received a Kevlar vest.
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