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Vitakraft's "Complete Kit for Guinea Pigs" provides food, bedding, a cage and other essentials for new guinea pig owners.
on March 8, 2013

Vitakraft Sunseed launches 'Complete Kit for Guinea Pigs'

Kit provides essentials like petfood, cage for new pet owners

Vitakraft Sunseed introduced "The Complete Kit for Guinea Pigs" to provide new pet owners with the essentials they will need for their small animal.

The kit comes with a cage, Vita-Plus guinea pig food, timothy hay, attachable chew toys, a food bowl, a water bottle and Fresh World bedding.

“This is a great way to encourage new pet ownership and to introduce children and families to a wonderful hobby that can last a lifetime,” said Holly Hoffman, director of marketing for Vitakraft Sunseed.

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