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Mars Petcare focuses on pet health, nutrition in new marketing campaign

Mars Petcare is making health and nutrition a priority for its Pedigree, Whiskas, Cesar and Sheba petfood brands to focus more on the emotional connection people feel with their pets. The petfood maker is hoping the plan will lead to advertising that sets the brands apart from traditional petfood marketing campaigns and compete more directly with P&G's Iams brand.

The new marketing campaign includes the Cesar brand's first TV commercial in five years, which centers on the relationship between an old man and his dog, featuring the petfood as one of the ways an owner can repay their dog for its friendship. The campaign also features in-store, sampling and online activities that promote how the food can improve a dog's health.

The Cesar campaign runs throughout June alongside a new marketing strategy for the Pedigree brand. The "Brighter Futures" campaign aims to increase awareness of the needs of rescue dogs and the role that healthy, balanced meals play in their road to a new home. Pedigree has also pledged to donate 1 million meals to a network of animal shelters across the country as part of the campaign.

Mars is also increasing marketing for its Whiskas and Sheba cat food brands in response to shifting consumer trends towards healthier pet products to support the launch of several new products over the coming months.

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