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Purina, Jenny Craig team up to help pet owners, pets lose weight

Petfood maker Nestle Purina and weight-loss company Jenny Craig are teaming up for the Power of Two program, which aims to help pets and their owners lose weight together.

In working together, weight loss experts from Jenny Craig and Purina found that many of the strategies effective in helping people lose weight are also effective in helping pets lose weight. The companies say the most benefit for pets and their owners came from personalized counseling offered by trained veterinary professionals and Jenny Craig consultants. The Power of Two program joins pets and their owners with weight loss experts: consultants in Jenny Centers and Purina certified weight coaches in veterinary clinics. These experts develop customized eating and activity recommendations, supervise regular weigh-ins, and provide ongoing counsel and support.

"Pets are a part of the family, and they share the lifestyle of their owner, including healthy or unhealthy habits," said Jessica Collins, area market director and consultant trainer for Jenny Craig. "With the right tools and support, pets can make the best weight loss partners, as they can help motivate their owners to ditch bad habits and get moving."

"The support of a weight-loss buddy can be invaluable, and a four-legged friend fills the role without judgment," says Purina certified weight coach, Heather Prendergast. She says that exercising with pets can actually help boost both the duration and intensity level.

Pet owners interested in the program can sign up on the Power of Two program website, as well as find more information and special offers.

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