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Petfood brand owner Dr. Tim Hunt brings vet care to rural Alaska, USA

Dr. Tim Hunt of Dr. Tim's petfood brand is heading to Alaska, USA, in June to bring medical care to pets of impoverished residents of rural villages.

Hunt will offer pet spays, neuters and vaccinations at "an affordable rate" during the 11-day trip.

"We were able to get a USDA grant plus a little help from the Native Rural Cooperative to start a volunteer vet program," Hunt said. "Many of these communities have no vet care. Rarely does anyone service these interior villages. There's a definite need for vet care in these poor communities. People rely on someone coming through to help. One person used to do this, but no one does any more."

Hunt is hoping to spay and neuter 20 to 30 animals daily. He says many of the families who will bring their pets in have not been able to have the cats and dogs seen by a veterinarian before.

"I think this is going to be an eye-opening experience," Hunt said. "It's a big deal to get into these situations and realize how good we have it here."

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