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Dog food trucks gaining popularity across cities in the US

The popularity of food trucks for dogs is growing in a number of USA cities, offering treats, ice cream and meals for dogs.

Owners of these food trucks from Orlando, Florida, to New York, New York, are reporting successful business and positive feedback from customers.

"This year is turning out to be really good because a lot of people are hearing about me," said Angela Meyers, who launched The Frosty Pooch in July 2012. "I'm getting a lot of return customers."

Meyers makes small-batch, dog-friendly ice cream in six flavors, which she sells from her truck in parks and farmers' markets in the New York, New York, area.

In Chicago, Illinois, business for Donna Santucci, who opened Fido To Go in 2011 is growing so quickly that she is now looking to franchise the business and is searching for a bigger cooking facility. Santucci currently makes the cookies and frozen yogurt cups from scratch in a commercial kitchen.

A number of factors have contributed to these food trucks' rising popularity, including the fact that pet owners seem to be willing to spend a lot on their pets, as well as the improving economy. For some petfood brands, these food trucks can act as mobile marketing campaigns, such as for Purina's Chef Michael's, Science Diet, Freshpet and Rachael Ray's Nutrish that have all done dog food truck promotions.

Pet owners are also becoming more concerned about the safety of their pet's food after a number of petfood recalls, which includes knowing how and where their pet's food and treats are made. "You get to know these people in the trucks, you know they make the food and you get to have a relationship with them," said Angela Hill, a dog food truck customer from New York, who fosters rescue dogs.

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