Natura Pet Products' Innova brand has launched a new line of Farmhouse Stews. The stews provide pet owners with a way to enhance their dogs meals, serving as a petfood topper, a treat or a complete and balanced meal for dogs.

Each of the four recipes features two animal proteins plus farm-grown fruits and vegetables in a gravy. The food comes in a resealable, recyclable tub, with a transparent window in the package that allows consumers to see the food before purchasing it.

Farmhouse Stews are available in the following recipes:
Turkey & Duck Recipe with Lentils, Apples & Mango (grain free)
Chicken & Salmon Recipe with Sweet Potatoes, Peas & Carrots (grain free)
Chicken & Venison Recipe with Brown Rice, Peas & Papaya
Beef & Bison Recipe with Barley & Bell Peppers