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Zuke's donates more than US$175,000 to fight canine cancer to date

Zuke's announced that as of September 27, the pet treat maker has donated more than US$175,000 to the Dog and Cat Cancer Fund (DCCFund), a nonprofit organization dedicated to understanding, treating and preventing canine and feline cancer.

The DCCFund was created by Zuke's founder, Patrick Meiering, and his brother, Chris, in 2007 after their childhood dog and, more recently, Zuke, the company's namesake, died of canine cancer.

Since the inception of the DCCFund, Zuke's has contributed a portion of all sales to the organization. With Zuke's support, the DCCFund has increased the annual grant amount per pet from US$700 in 2007, to US$1200 in 2011, and most recently to US$1500 in 2013. The DCCFund estimates it will be able to help a record 100 pets in 2013, up from 42 in 2011 and 69 in 2012.

"Zuke's donates a portion of all product sales to the Dog and Cat Cancer Fund," said Chris Meiering, Zuke's director of marketing and co-founder of the DCCFund. "We invest in this organization because we passionately believe that the ability to pay one's vet bills shouldn't be a factor in giving pets a fighting chance against this terrible disease."

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