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Bischof + Klein looks to further growth in 2014

In 2014, packaging and film specialist Bischof + Klein (B+K) is anticipating sales growth of around 5%, enabling it to crack the 500-million-euro mark, according to the company.

With a volume of around 30 million euros, the investment program is continuing the company's consistent modernization and extension of its production plants' capacity. Over the coming years, expansion of the plant in Bavaria's Konzell is on the agenda, among other aspects, said B+K. B+K Polska is extending its extrusion capacities and is aiming to achieve 50% production growth in the medium term. "Sustainability projects, e.g., for reducing the use of resources and consistently increasing productivity, are of particular importance to us," said Managing Director Dr. Volker Pfenning.

In 2013, the B+K-GROUP achieved annual sales of just under 500 million euros with around 2,350 employees, some 1,900 of which are located in Germany. Throughout that year, the investment program focused on expanding extrusion and printing capacities as well as on energy efficiency measures at the German plants.

The subsidiary companies also performed positively. B+K UK increased its flexographic printing production and was running at full capacity in 4-shift operation at the end of the year. A modern 8-color flexographic printing press, aimed at achieving growth in new markets, came online at B+K France. With a new extrusion building, B+K Polska created the prerequisites for further expansion of the plant. The multi-year contract with a major customer landed by the B+K Middle East Comp. participation (30%) and market growth in the region are ensuring full utilization of production capacity, which has now increased to more than 30,000 metric tons per year in Saudi Arabia, and are offering an adequate basis for further expansion, said the company.

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