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Prins launches Health Coach project

Prins Petfoods in Veenendaal is going to train coaches who can help with everyday matters concerning pets. Among other things, The Prins Health Coach can provide individual counseling and advice on matters such as training, behavior, nutrition, health, animal welfare and safety.

The coaches provide knowledge in an personal way. They help pet owners to make the right decisions to optimize the well-being of their pet and to consult the right professionals in time if necessary: prevention through optimal guidance. Because of his/her broad background, a coach is an easy to reach advisor who can offer extra help to solve practical problems together.

Part of the family

Animal welfare, spreading knowledge and good service always come first at Prins, that specializes in producing 100% natural dog and cat food. As a Dutch family business, Prins likes to share the family feeling with pet owners. The Prins Health Coaches play an important role in this. Their efforts contribute to an optimal physical and mental health of dogs and cats and a strong relationship between humans and animals.

Training program

Soon a pilot will start to train the first Prins Health Coach. In order to obtain and maintain a broad base of knowledge, all coaches will attend a training program taught by several specialists. Everyone with affinity for and knowledge of pets can apply for this program, like groomers, behavioral experts, breeders, veterinary assistants and employees of pet shops, animal shelters and animal welfare organizations who want to improve their professional skills and like to distinguish themselves. Application will be followed by an intake to get an idea of the current level of education and a selection procedure.

Higher level

The Prins Health Coach project is part of a series of plans in which Prins want to bring education and knowledge to an even higher level, both nationally and internationally. That is already happening through the Prins CareTeam, EduPet Education and the recently launched but already very successful EduVet Veterinary Training Center. Anyone who is interested in cooperation with Prins or the Prins Health Coach training, can contact Ros Nawijn from Prins Petfoods through +31-318-524245 or

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