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Japanese pet population increases, petfood ads decrease

In 2009, the Japan pet population grew to 13.6 million dogs and 11.3 million cats, a 9 and 29% increase respectively from 2004, according to the Japan Pet Food Association. But while the number of Japanese pets continues to rise, ATL advertising has decreased in the country.

Last year, Master Foods Japan spent one-tenth of what it spent a decade earlier on advertising, according to in-house data from  McCann Erickson Japan .

Ichiro Hata, group account director at McCann Erickson Osaka, told  Haymarket Media Limited  the reason for the drop.

"After the [March 2004 recall of Pedigree dog food], the consumer psychology changed," said Hata. "Makers of mid-quality petfood … cut back on advertising. Sales of petfood shifted toward the premium and low ends."

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