Pet food subscription, feeding devices win 2020 Good Design Award

The 2020 Good Design Award is the first time a dog-food-related item has ever been a recipient.

Courtesy Petokoto Foods/Good Design Award
Courtesy Petokoto Foods/Good Design Award

Petokoto Foods by Syrup Co. Ltd., with headquarters in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan, is the recipient of a 2020 Good Design Award, the first time ever that a dog-food-related item has been cited for design excellence since the awards body's inception in 1957.

Petokoto Foods, a direct-to-consumer (D2C) e-commerce subscription service, was evaluated as a service design for pet food delivery. The company offers personalized food recommendations and meal management for dogs. It claims that their dog food is fit for human consumption and that they have supplied over 100,000 meals to Japanese households since their launch in February 2020.

On its website, Petokoto offers free meal plans based on a dog's breed, age, exercise regimen and health conditions. The site also offers online veterinary consultation to registered subscribers.

Following Association of American Control Officials (AAFCO) standards on comprehensive nutritional diets, Petokoto said they use domestic ingredients that are steamed and instantly frozen to preserve aroma, flavor and nutrients. Petokoto dog meals are handmade and have 75% water content.

Part of Petokoto's sales are donated to Omusubi, an organization for the protection of cats and dogs.

Pet feeder, water dispenser also win awards

Meanwhile, a Chinese company, Beijing Kitten & Puppy Technology Co. Ltd., bagged two Good Design Awards for its pair of pet feeder and water dispenser under the brand PetX.

The PetX smart feeder keeps pet food fresh and dry in a sealed storage tank with replaceable desiccants and a UV sterilizing lamp inside the tank itself. The food bowl has a 7-degree slope to comfortably accommodate a cat or puppy's head during feeding. This home appliance for pets has a complimentary app that enables pet owners to set how much and how often the device will dispense pet food.

The PetX smart water dispenser gives pets flowing water either automatically or via voice control. Like the smart feeder, its bowl also has a 7-degree slope so as not to strain a pet's neck when drinking from it. The designer of this home pet appliance made sure it operates quietly using a low-voltage pump.

Beijing Kitten & Puppy Technology Co. started selling PetX devices in May 2020.

Those who have won the Good Design Award can place the “G Mark” symbol of good design on their products or services. The Good Design Award is the only comprehensive design evaluation and commendation system in Japan. Many companies and designers from both inside and outside Japan participate in the process to enhance their respective industries or quality of life through their designs.

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