Latin American pet food industry news 2021: price, growth

Along with adapting to the effects of the pandemic, Latin American pet food companies continued expanding production capacity and launching new products in different countries.

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In 2021, published more than 30 articles focused on Latin America, most of them written by Iván Franco, founder of market research and consultancy firm Triplethree International. Review a selection of news covering the dog, cat and other pet food markets in Latin America.

Last year started with his consideration of impending inflation of Mexico’s pet food prices, driven by commodity markets for corn and other ingredients. While consumer price inflation in Mexico didn’t prove as strong as feared, supply chain issues proved to be a global phenomenon in 2021 and shortages of raw materials hindered dog, cat and other pet food production.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt pet owners’ lives, especially by limiting their movements. As pet owners in Latin America use the internet for more of their pet food purchases, monitoring internet traffic may yield insights into pet food demand in various nations, revealing different opportunities.

Aside from the effects of the pandemic, pet food companies continued expanding production capacity and launching new products in different countries.

Selections from Latin American pet food industry news 2021

Confusion over GMO corn in US pet food exports to Mexico

January 22, 2021

A decree ends genetically modified corn imports to Mexico by 2024. However, exactly what this means for the pet food industry is uncertain. Meanwhile, landraces are losing ground to varieties developed outside corn’s crib in Mexico.


Is pet food inflation on the horizon in Latin America?

January 29, 2021

Corn is a main ingredient in Latin American pet food, and its rising price could soon force pet food producers to pass along that increased cost to consumers.


Searches for dog probiotics up in Mexico, Columbia, Chile

February 15, 2021

More Latin American pet owners confined at home with their dogs turned to probiotics to address health or digestive issues, according to internet searches.


Internet searches may provide pet food market snapshot

March 1, 2021

Information such as searches for dog breeds may give pet food brands insight into breed preferences and, therefore, potential growth opportunities.


Why pet food pricing matters in Latin America

March 17, 2021

Pet food market leaders play all along the pricing curve, which is especially important in the highly concentrated pet food markets in Latin America.


Mexican pet food exports posted new record in 2020

May 20, 2021

In 2020, Mexican pet food exports hit record highs in both volume and dollar terms. Pet food imports into Mexico also rose a record 10.6% in volume.


Latin America pet food market growth drivers, restraints

June 8, 2021

Latin America has strong potential for continued growth thanks to low penetration of commercial pet food, but street pets and pet abandonment remain problems.

Adoptions fuel rise in non-premium dog food in Mexico

July 22, 2021

Many new dog adopters in Mexico understand the cost of feeding a dog only after adoption, and owners of large dogs may downgrade to lower-priced foods.


Pet food inflation not soaring in Mexico in 2021

September 13, 2021

According to the national pet food inflation index, price surges are relatively low, but the index represents only about 60% of the Mexican pet food market.


The state of pet food branding in Latin America

November 30, 2021

Only a few pet food producers in Latin America invest in branding and marketing, while most others try to compete on low prices and retail space alone.

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