Tomojo eyes new products, markets for insect-based pet food

Tomojo, a French pet food company, offers insect-based dog and cat food, and will soon launch pet treats and a veterinary line with insect protein.

Tomojo Insect Protein Pet Food
Courtesy of Tomojo

French pet food company Tomojo specializes in making insect-based food for cats and dogs. Building on its success in the domestic market and selected European countries, the business plans to launch export sales to a number of new foreign destinations, according to senior company representatives.

Madeleine Morley, chief executive and co-founder of Tomojo, told that the pet food producer is entering its fifth year of business and plans to launch new products in 2022, including insect-based treats created from new recipes.

“Tomojo sells insect-based dry food and treats for young, adult and, soon, elderly cats and dogs,” she said. “All Tomojo products are produced in France, and the insects we use come from the Netherlands and France.

“We are currently developing our insect-based veterinary range, which will target specific health pathologies,” Morley added. “We are also planning on developing an insect-based treats range using new super ingredients.”

Cooperation with trusted pet food factories

Morley said Tomojo develops its own recipes, but sources the insect protein and relies on subcontracted production facilities that make its products. “We work with trusted partners who have the production capacities to follow our growth in the future,” she said.

“When we launched Tomojo in the end of 2017, most people were intrigued by our project, but had never heard of the concept of feeding insects to pets,” Morley said. “Four years later, I would definitely say the concept is more widely known, probably due to the increase of the entomological farming sector over the past few years. Our clients know about the sustainability benefits of insects, and our job at Tomojo is also to educate them.”

International expansion under way

Asked about the company’s expansion plans for the near future, Tomojo’s CEO said the pet food maker has already expanded its foothold outside of the French market, and Tomojo is currently making efforts to launch sales in a number of European countries.

“We have been selling our products in the UK and Poland for the past two years, and we are very keen on launching Tomojo in Germany, Austria, Belgium and Switzerland as soon as possible,” Morley said.

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