Juvenia Nutrition unveils dog food with resveratrol in Chile

The innovative dog food launch in Chile follows a successful introduction in Argentina.

Juvenia Nutrition Corgi Dog Food
Courtesy Juvenia Nutrition

The Chilean pet food market is welcoming the arrival of Juvenia Nutrition dry dog food, a pioneering product designed to preserve and extend dogs’ lives. Following its successful launch in Argentina, Juvenia Nutrition is set to make an impact in Chile with its innovative approach.

Featuring resveratrol-infused nutrition, Juvenia Nutrition is a joint venture between pet food manufacturer Grupo Molino Chacabuco and Microsules Argentina Laboratory. In Chile, the brand has a third partner, a distributor named Allca.

Rodrigo Vásquez Millán, marketing and communications manager of Grupo Molino Chacabuco, expressed excitement about the launch in Chile. As an early adopter, the company recognizes the potential of this nutrition to revolutionize the market, he added. The company believes it will pave the way for other innovative pet food products.

Resveratrol: Next generation antioxidant

What sets Juvenia Nutrition apart is its incorporation of resveratrol, a powerful natural antioxidant, into its formula. This innovative product features a specialized thermoprotection system and enteric coating, ensuring optimal absorption in the dog’s duodenum, said Dr. Enzo Ferro, a veterinarian with Microsules Argentina Laboratory. With a proven track record since 2016, Juvenia Nutrition’s resveratrol-infused nutrition has already gained a loyal following.

As the laboratory behind the product, Microsules Argentina is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of pet nutrition, he said. Its focus on incorporating advanced antioxidants and polyphenols sets the laboratory apart, benefiting not only dogs with chronic conditions but also other pet species.

Juvenia Nutrition is an ultra-premium option, combining top-quality ingredients with scientific research, Ferro said, explaining that its resveratrol core offers superior absorption, protecting dogs’ nucleic acids and regulating the creatine enzyme. This scientific research validates the product’s efficacy and showcases its potential to improve dogs’ overall health.

New dog food’s benefits resonate with consumers

Vásquez and Ferro added that Juvenia Nutrition has received approval from numerous consumers, and its technology has been adopted by the multinational laboratory Elanco, increasing its credibility. By improving the quality of life for animals with chronic conditions, the novel product is reshaping the outlook of pet care, they said.

In addition, the product’s benefits extend to senior dogs, as it helps prevent age-related diseases and supports overall health. A key advantage of Juvenia Nutrition’s resveratrol is that it is sourced from a natural and purified extract of an Asian plant root, ensuring a high-quality, phyto-biotic ingredient.

Continuing its expansion, Juvenia Nutrition plans to enter the markets of Uruguay and Ecuador, filling a growing demand for innovative pet nutrition solutions. It is also developing a feline formula that will offer similar benefits and nutrition, with a planned release in Argentina and Chile. 

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