French dog food company adds insect protein line

Réglo’s strategy of locally sourcing pet food ingredients will now also include insect proteins.

French pet food brand réglo is adding products with insect protein to its line of dog food.
French pet food brand réglo is adding products with insect protein to its line of dog food.
Courtesy réglo

French pet food producer réglo is developing insect-based dry dog and cat food as an alternative to meat- and fish-based products, and is readying to add new products to its portfolio, according to Basile Laigre, chief executive and founder.

The company is determined to expand its product range of dry food for dogs, cats, puppies and kitten, but also wants to preserve the brand’s reputation of a manufacturer focused on dog food as well as on sourcing local ingredients to make high-quality products, he said.

“We remain specialized in dog food. It is produced in the southeast of France with the use of local ingredients. We plan to add hemp oil to our product range, which is a veggie alternative to salmon oil, and also treats and dental sticks for dogs,” Laigre said. “We have experienced strong and steady growth since our launch in the summer of 2020. Our dog food has always been our most popular product,” he said.

As the company is witnessing a rising demand for its products, it is currently able to produce about 1,500 tons of products per year at its factory in France’s Occitania region.

Focus on the French pet food market

In terms of expanding to other countries across Europe, Laigre said that, under réglo’s strategy, the family-owned company will continue to develop its sales only in the French market. There are two reasons behind such a strategy.

“It requires lot of work to raise brand awareness and develop a strong distribution network in order to make the company highly profitable in France, our main market which is also the biggest in Europe,” Laigre said. Secondly, “in our opinion it does not make sense to export a local and sustainable product.”

Laigre said in an earlier interview that he set up the pet food business in June 2020, aiming to provide French pet owners with ethical and sustainable alternatives to traditional pet food. The company says its insect-based products provide pets with the necessary daily intake of proteins, fats, acids, as well as minerals.

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