Hill's Pet Nutrition, Colgate-Palmolive team up to care for unhoused pets

The companies will work alongside The Street Dog Coalition to improve access to care for unhoused people and their pets.

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Hill's Pet Nutrition and Colgate-Palmolive have announced a new partnership with The Street Dog Coalition to improve access to care for unhoused people and their pets. This initiative, launched under the One Health approach, aims to provide pet parents with free oral health and hygiene products and their pets with veterinary healthcare and nutrition.

Hill's Pet Nutrition and Colgate-Palmolive are now legacy-level sponsors of The Street Dog Coalition, a nonprofit organization that offers free veterinary care and services to pet parents who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness. The collaboration includes the distribution of Hill's pet food and essential oral health products to the communities served by The Street Dog Coalition.

The partnership was inaugurated at a special pop-up veterinary clinic held in conjunction with the American Veterinary Medical Association Convention in Austin, Texas, on June 24. The event featured the unveiling of The Street Dog Coalition's new RV, which will help extend veterinary care to rural areas with limited access to such services. This RV was funded partly through the support of Hill's and Colgate.

Dr. Hilary Wheeler, medical director for The Street Dog Coalition, expressed excitement about the expanded collaboration, highlighting that the increased support will enhance access to vital veterinary care, pet nutrition and oral health products. Dr. Karen Shenoy, US chief veterinary officer for Hill's Pet Nutrition, emphasized that the partnership aligns with Hill's mission to transform pets' lives through science-led nutrition and Colgate's vision for a healthier future for all.

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