Neovia signs R&D partnership with TargEDys

This partnership aims to explore an innovative technology that regulates the appetite and develop products better adapted to a canine population with a tendency towards weight problems or obesity.

Neovia announced its new partnership with TargEDys on Nov. 15. TargEDys is a French start-up specializing in probiotics; its research could open the way to a new approach to weight control. This partnership aims to explore an innovative technology that regulates the appetite and develop products better adapted to a canine population with a tendency towards weight problems or obesity. To develop innovative nutritional solutions, Neovia will mobilize its expertise in animal nutrition while relying on TargEDys scientific expertise.

A research partnership based on innovative technology

The R&D partnership between Neovia and TargEDys should allow the two companies to combine their expertise to develop innovative and differentiating canine nutritional solutions. Designed by the French start-up, the ProbioSatys technology, which naturally moderates the appetite, is at the core of this cooperation. The probiotic derived from ProbioSatys stimulates the synthesis of a protein that has molecular mimicry with one of the hormones responsible for the feeling of satiety. Therefore, it could be used to supplement nutritional strategies for preventing or reducing weight problems or obesity.

Under this partnership, Neovia will have exclusive access to pet food research and demonstrating the technology’s benefits in pet food. TargEDys will be able to build on Neovia's strong positioning on the global pet food market, to develop applications in dog or cat food and supplements and consider rapid global commercialization. Thanks to the start-up's probiotic breakthroughs, Neovia can affirm its commitment to combating canine obesity. In the longer term, the two companies also aim to extend their research to cats, which are also prone to obesity.

‘We are delighted about this partnership with Neovia. Having the support of an international group is a real chance and a unique opportunity for TargEDys. Although we are currently preparing to market a product containing Probiosatys technology for humans, we are excited to find new applications for pets with Neovia.’ said Gregory Lambert, CEO of TargEDys.

Societal developments also affect pets

There are about 820 million dogs and cats in the world. Their more urban and sedentary lifestyle has made dogs prone to obesity, like their masters. On average, one in two dogs is overweight worldwide.

In France, the phenomenon affects over 30% of the canine population and over 56% in the United States. In addition to the alteration in morphology, obesity has serious consequences for dogs, which are sometimes underestimated such as a decrease in the animal's liveliness and increased risk of disease, such as heart problems, skin problems, and even cancer.

Thanks to its historic leadership positions in Brazil and Mexico, Neovia has made petcare one of its flagship businesses and a source of growth. This market is estimated at approximately $-124 billion worldwide for 2018 against $-119 billion in 2017. It is characterized by a dual trend linked to changing lifestyles and purchasing power of populations: a humanization of the animal (anthropomorphism, full member of the family) and premiumization of needs (required level of quality, increase in the average basket).

A partnership in line with a global innovation strategy

Neovia has chosen to focus its strategy on innovation. As such, it defined five priority fields of innovation which constitute the growth drivers of tomorrow and will enable the company to offer differentiating products and services to its customers and partners. These five areas include smart farming, intensive aquaculture, interactive petline, and optimizing resources and functional ingredients. Functional ingredients are natural solutions that bring something to a food (taste, texture, hydration, health aspect).

Serving zootechnical performance, they are an alternative to the use of medicines. The potential use of ProbioSatys technology is in line with this priority area of innovation as it combats obesity naturally.

"We are delighted with this research partnership with TargEDys and proud to invest in breakthrough projects and cooperate to combat canine obesity. We are convinced that our global innovation network and all of the Group's expertise, combined with the technology developed by TargEDys, will help develop innovative and differentiating solutions on a high-potential market. Our historic leadership positions on the pet food market in Brazil and Mexico will support the development and marketing of this innovative technology which is perfectly in line with our global open innovation strategy," explained Mathieu Tournat, R&D and Innovation Director at Neovia.

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