PEDIGREE shines spotlight on pet adoption with new campaign

The PEDIGREE brand announced on March 11,"Every Pup's Superpower," a national program that shines a light on pet adoption and celebrates the superpowers in all dogs.

The PEDIGREE brand announced on March 11, "Every Pup's Superpower" – a national program that shines a light on pet adoption and celebrates the superpowers in all dogs. The campaign was launched in support of PEDIGREE's sponsorship of the new IMAX documentary, Superpower Dogs, which highlights the extraordinary abilities of dogs who save lives and make the world a better place. As part of "Every Pup's Superpower," the PEDIGREE brand has partnered with Katherine Schwarzenegger â€“ New York Times best-selling author, pet adoption advocate and philanthropist, who recently released her book, Maverick and Me, introducing children to the concept of animal rescue.

On March 9, Katherine joined the PEDIGREE brand at the world premiere of Superpower Dogs in Los Angeles, California. While there, Katherine helped raise awareness for pet adoption by discussing the need for all dogs to have loving homes.

"Animals have always been a huge passion of mine, and pet adoption is a cause that is extremely close to my heart, especially after rescuing my own pup, Maverick. He has taught me so much about unconditional love, responsibility and has shined a light on all the incredible animals that need a second chance at finding their forever home," said Katherine. "Adopting Maverick has brought such immense joy to my life and being an advocate for these incredible animals is one of the most important missions in my life. Giving a voice to the voiceless and continuing the efforts around spreading awareness about this cause is why I'm so excited to partner with PEDIGREE to encourage others to join us in helping to find loving homes for all dogs."

As part of the campaign, the PEDIGREE brand and Katherine are asking consumers to join them in promoting pet adoption and celebrating the superpowers in all dogs by sharing what is special about their own dog on social media. For every engagement or personal story shared using hashtag, #EveryPupsSuperpower, the PEDIGREE brand will donate one bowl of food, up to 500,000 bowls, to shelter dogs awaiting adoption. In addition, the PEDIGREE Brand will donate $250,000 to the PEDIGREE Foundation to support shelters around the country.  

"The 'Every Pup's Superpower' program is a demonstration of our commitment to finding loving homes for all dogs," said Elizabeth Barrett, PEDIGREE Brand Manager. "We hope this program inspires people to share stories of their own dogs' amazing abilities and to spread awareness about the need for pet adoption, so that more animals end up in forever homes."

"Every Pup's Superpower" is an extension of the PEDIGREE brand's global FEED THE GOOD campaign, which is based on the simple insight that dogs and humans benefit each other. The program will serve as a way to highlight the importance of pet adoption while showing the remarkable abilities of dogs to bring out the best in the people around them.

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