IOIN Partnership launching nutrition-geared website for pets

IOIN Partnership has developed HOWL.PET, an online platform that streamlines pet nutrition increases direct manufacturing/brand educational programs and bring pet nutrition into the digital world.

IOIN Partnership has developed HOWL.PET, an online platform that streamlines pet nutrition; increases direct manufacturing/brand educational programs and bring pet nutrition into the digital world.

The site HOWL.PET comparison website connects pet owners, food suppliers, and veterinarians through a database of health profiles on individual pets — something never before achieved in this market place.

When veterinarians advise on an animal’s nutrient intake, pet owners often struggle to find a food brand that meets the prescription. Pet food manufacturers have few ways of gauging the larger patterns in animal health which their product should respond to.

HOWL.PET comprehensively tracks pet statistics across 5,300 UK veterinary surgeries.

As data accumulates, the site will guide food manufacturers on which formulas to create and distribute while giving pet owners immediate access to whichever type they need.

A pet owner can now register their animal within the website’s veterinary vector and receive an identification number linked to the pet’s microchip. The Vet-Check feature then generates a customized diet recommendation by correlating the pet’s individual data with nutrition plans submitted from thousands of veterinary surgeries.

Since pet owners identify and select the most suitable food for their animal’s needs, food brands can market to customers directly.

This includes international brands, as the IRS Omni-channel Distribution Center can relay orders directly to the brand’s white label manufacturing house within the UK and circumvent import costs. 

Additionally, the IRS Omni-channel records batch allocations linked to individual pet owners.

This not only makes HOWL.PET their go-to resource for reordering food, but also ensures the animal’s safety.

In the rare but serious event of a product recall, HOWL.PET Vet-Alert feature immediately identifies all pets affected, notifies the owner and uses their batch allocation data to trace the exact amount of product consumed by the pet, and the exact amount still in the pet owner’s possession.

Ian Gould systems architect for HOWL.PET and spokesman for the group say's "As a long established pet care group we have come to understand pet owners better than anyone.

Many industry sectors from insurance finance houses to pet nutrition, pet pharmaceutical and pet retail have no interactive data platforms to educate and respond to individual pet owners needs”.

Ian Continues “Many rely on nutrition data to identify if an underlying health problem is caused by excessive feeding or the wrong balance of nutrients for their pet”.

When a pet owner visits their veterinary surgery with a sick pet, you can bet it’s the first thing the vet will ask. “What have you been feeding them?”

Like humans, animals come with their own intensely specific preferences, sensitivities, and conditions. Sometimes a quick, deft change to their diet clears up even severe issues.

But where to find the food that’s right for them? Your local supermarket and retailers carries limited brands of dog food. Online brands promote singular flavor products?

But do pet owners even know what nutrition composition it contains? Where are the all the other options? And most importantly, who can explain the difference?

HOWL.PET is a long-awaited solution to a long-apparent problem: Pet food manufacturers are disconnected from the animals that ultimately need their
products. The platform helps identify the nutrient levels appropriate to individual pets and recommends brands accordingly. 

At last pet owners can compare and purchase a specific variety of food without straining to find a retailer or, worse, wondering whether it’s the right type to begin with? so no more guesswork. Pet owners can register their pet, log its veterinary health stats and finally find that perfect bag of chow.

It’s like shopping online for pet food with a veterinarian at your side. Pet food manufactures will now meet the needs of their customers while producing proper quantities of the food that’s in demand.

Precisely-logged batch allocations make food easy to reorder and keep owners, vets and food brands in close communication an unprecedented convenience and integration.

In conjunction with this engagement, HOWL.PET will offer pet’s photo identification bags, travel-size shipments of vacation food, calculate the optimum daily nutrition intake, log all nutrition consumption data, alert and re order when batch is nearing replenishment and even has a 24-hour online vet assistance team to shorten virtually every step of the pet care process while lengthening the life of the pet.

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