Top Shelf Dog Food achieves kickstarter goal

Top Shelf Dog Food achieved its kickstarter goal in just one day.

Top Shelf Dog Food, the latest dog food to hit Kickstarter, achieved its goal in just one day. Top Shelf Dog Food offers premium dog food that uses super ingredients fortified with vitamins, minerals, and all the best nutrients for our favorite furry pals. What makes Top Shelf Dog Food unique is that their entrees are never frozen and require no refrigeration making it the most convenient choice for fur parents everywhere. 

Founded by entrepreneurs Tom Rosedale and Chip Bergstrom, Top Shelf Dog food makes it easier to take care of our favorite pets. The Kickstarter campaign, which was launched on the morning of May 06, 2021 garnered over $16,000 in 24 hours. 

An exciting feat, Chip and Tom are excited to have the opportunity to share Top Shelf Dog food with dog parents across the United States. 

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