Scoular launches new sustainable protein source for aquaculture and pet food

Scoular launches Emerge, its new sustainable and innovative barley-based protein source.

Scoular on Tuesday announced the name for its new sustainable and innovative barley-based protein source for aquaculture and pet food: Emerge. Emerge, both traceable and non-GMO, is the only barley-based protein for feed customers. 

Barley, an ancient grain, is sustainable because it contributes to water conservation systems and is grown in areas where it does not contribute to deforestation of rainforest ecosystems. In aquaculture, Emerge is highly digestible, helping to reduce phosphate discharge and water pollution. 

For pet food, Emerge delivers a neutral flavor and natural color. In dog feeding trials measuring palatability, it was equal or superior to both animal and vegetable protein sources. 

Olson said Emerge is created through a patented process that concentrates the protein naturally found in whole barley kernels, creating a nutrient-dense product. Scoular expects to begin producing Emerge in September after completing construction on its manufacturing facility in Jerome, Idaho. 

To learn more about Emerge, go to or contact Mike Cici at [email protected] or Britt Cherry at [email protected]

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