JustKitchen launches delivery only fresh pet food brand

Just Kitchen launches delivery only fresh pet food brand.

Just Kitchen Holdings Corp., an operator of ghost kitchens specializing in the development of delivery-only food brands, is pleased to announce that it has recently launched its proprietary Wow Chow brand ("Wow Chow" or the "Brand") and associated menu of fresh, delivery-only pet food. As JustKitchen's first foray into food beyond humans, Wow Chow items are suitable for both dogs and cats and bring a new range of freshly prepared meals to the market in an innovative way, while using whole proteins, vegetables and other natural ingredients, with no artificial seasonings. Developed by JustKitchen's team of professional chefs, Wow Chow items are currently available to customers through Uber Eats and the Company's JustMarket e-commerce website in Taiwan.

 Orders are currently being fulfilled on-demand using geolocation to route them to the nearest of the Company's 18 ghost kitchens to each customer, with subscription-based ordering expected to be launched to customers in July. Pets are a growing status symbol across Taiwan and the demand for fresh pet food, rather than the dried alternative, is on the rise. Based on recent declining birth rates, Taiwan's pet population exceeded the number of children aged 15 or younger in 2020 for the first time. That same year, Taiwan's pet food market grew five percent to US$194 million, more than double from 2010 levels. Further, a Council of Agriculture survey found that there were more than 2.5 million pet cats and dogs in Taiwan in 2017 – almost double the number in 2006.

 "I am proud of our innovative launch of Wow Chow as JustKitchen's first pet food brand. We are offering fresh, nutritious meals to a growing number of dog and cat owners across the country who appreciate the use of high-quality beef, chicken, fish and pork, along with key vegetables like broccoli, carrots, potatoes and pumpkin. Based on over 100 orders fulfilled to date, the average basket size of a Wow Chow order is similar to a human food order and early reviews have been very positive," said Jason Chen, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of JustKitchen. "Due to the early success of the Brand, we are exploring opportunities to expand it within Taiwan and abroad given that it is portable and scalable just like our portfolio of over 20 proprietary and partner food brands for human consumption," added Mr. Chen.



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