FL Emmert hires Josh Hippert

FL Emmert hires Josh Hippert as production manager.

FL Emmert welcomes Josh Hippert as production manager. “Josh has a unique ability to link a continuous improvement mindset with an effective management style that can have an immediate and positive impact to Emmert’s overall operations,” says Executive Vice President Ken Rod. 

Hippert brings years of experience in manufacturing and quality. Prior to joining Emmert he was Operations Manager for Amazon, Supplier Quality and Strategic Sourcing Manager for Universal Instruments and Quality Manager for Ardagh Group. 

Hippert earned his bachelor’s degree from William & Mary University with a focus on Physics, Philosophy and Mathematics. Hippert will be based in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

FL Emmert Company is a leading supplier of highly palatable, nutritional, functional brewers yeast ingredients for pet food and livestock feeds. Family owned and operated since 1881, the company’s sixth generation continues to deliver Nutrition that Shines with a legacy of integrity and service. Through exceptional quality and food safety standards, trusted partnerships and innovative product excellence–with Emmert, there’s a difference you can see. 

For more information on FL Emmert, please visit www.emmert.com or LinkedIn. 

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