Nom Nom challenges cities to clean up their streets

Nom Nom identifies cities have the most pet digestion problems.

Leading fresh pet food brand Nom Nom announces its Sh*ttiest cities in America campaign highlighting 10 metropolitan cities with the most problematic pet digestion in the country. Using data reported from consumers, Nom Nom identified the cities where the dogs are suffering from most GI issues and now challenges pet owners to help clean up all that extra poop by re-evaluating their pet nutrition. 

Nom Nom is on a mission to clean up the streets, literally, by educating pet owners about how fresh, super nutritious, whole-ingredient pet food can improve the digestive health of their pets. Backed by a team of board certified veterinary nutritionists and microbiome researchers, Nom Nom leveraged consumer data and the information it collected in its Microbiome Kit to assess that the healthier the food, the healthier the poop, and in turn, the less damage to the ecosystem--making for healthier cities.

The ten cities that Nom Nom has identified to have the most digestive issues based on customer insights in alphabetical order are:







New York City 


San Francisco


Due to the recent boom of pet adoptions during the pandemic—12.6 million households added a pet this past year1—there is more poop than ever in poop bags, and worse, on city streets. Experts estimate more than 21.2 billion pounds of poop are produced each year2, with much of it focused in America’s most populated cities. Nom Nom’s data helps shed light on the issue of poor digestive health among dogs, which is contributing to the onslaught.

“At Nom Nom, we remain committed to improving the health and wellness of pets—particularly their digestive health—through our fresh, high quality, whole-ingredient foods, made in our very own kitchens,” said Nate Phillips, co-founder and CEO of Nom Nom. “There’s a real opportunity for pet parents to help their dogs poop less by feeding them highly digestible, nutritious food that is great for their gut. We recognize how important it is for dog owners to be involved in their pets’ health, as well as that of their community at large. Our dedicated team strives daily to make advances for the benefit of both.” 

Recent brand data demonstrates that Nom Nom recipes are more digestible than kibble and that dogs poop significantly less frequently when they eat any of Nom Nom’s fresh food products, which are pre-portioned to create personalized meals for every pet’s nutritional needs and feeding behaviors.

Nom Nom does not add fiber beyond the amount that is helpful for health, and every ingredient in its fresh food diet is intended to contribute essential nutrients pets need. Not only are Nom Nom dogs defecating less, they are having healthier stools. A study conducted by Nom Nom’s in-house scientific research team found that Nom Nom probiotics have a preventative effect, reducing the relative risk of future diarrhea by 85.7 percent. 

“The recommended average amount for healthy dogs is 1-2 bowel movements per day but it can vary greatly based on the diet fed,” said Dr. Caitlyn Getty, board certified veterinary nutritionist at Nom Nom. “Poor digestion and GI problems are issues that resonate with so many dog owners, and much of it is worsened by the wrong diet. Chronic or recurring diarrhea should not be ignored. If we can help clean up the streets while providing goodness to the microbiomes of our furry companions, we know we’ve done great for pet owners and great for their communities.” 

Now that we know how to help pets poop less, Nom Nom is challenging pet owners to help their animals do just that. According to the University of Washington, “Dog waste can contain bacteria, parasites and pathogens that can directly and indirectly cause people to get sick. Although it may look like the poo in your yard has disappeared over time or washed away, some micro-organisms (such as roundworms, E. coli, and Giardia) can persist and survive in a yard for up to four years if not picked up.” Dog waste experts, Doody Calls cite that up to 60 percent of dog owners do not clean up after their pets.3

To learn more about Nom Nom and its challenge to America’s Sh*ttiest cities, visit All new customers who visit the website link will also receive 50% off their first Nom Nom trial. 




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