Wellness Pet offers new, natural treat

Wellness Pet Food offers a new, natural treat for dogs.

Whether it's to reward good behavior, congratulate a new trick or just fuel a longer walk, pet parents can't help but treat their dogs, and now, they don't have to think twice about doing so. Wellness Pet Company, maker of premium natural food and treats for dogs and cats, is proud to introduce Good Dog by Wellness, a brand of all natural treats for dogs with the mission to create a better life together between dogs and dog parents.

Built on the belief that good dogs deserve good treats, the new Good Dog by Wellness brand serves up yummy dog treats with only the best all-natural ingredients and added vitamins that are proven to deliver results

An overwhelming 93% of pet parents purchase treats for their pets1, because when pets are happy, pet parents are happy, too—and there's nothing like seeing the joy dogs experience when enjoying their favorite treat. Good Dog by Wellness was born from the belief that good dogs deserve good treats, and pet parents should feel satisfaction about not just the joyous reaction from pets, but also for the benefits each treat provides. That's why Good Dog treats are made from premium, natural ingredients to deliver health benefits like healthy skin and coat, immune support, and of course, good behavior.  

The Good Dog by Wellness portfolio will allow pet parents to choose from a variety of options to target specific health and training needs, like encouraging good behavior from a new puppy or supporting whole body health for dogs of all ages. The first Good Dog by Wellness products are now available at Walmart:

  • Good Dog by Wellness Happy Puppy Treats: Designed to support pet parents with positive training reinforcement, Good Dog by Wellness Happy Puppy Treats are convenient bite-sized, grain-free treats for puppies. Made with Triple Puppy Care, which includes DHA to support brain development and vitamins A and E for immune health plus purposeful ingredients like veggies and omega-rich flaxseed, these treats are specifically designed to support growing puppies' bodies and health needs. Happy Puppy Treats are available in a soft lamb and salmon or crunchy chicken and carrots recipe.
  • Good Dog by Wellness Training Rewards: The perfect training reward, these soft and savory grain-free treats can be easily torn apart for just the right bite size. They also contain omega-3 fatty acids to support healthy skin and coat and drool-worthy flavors with chicken and venison or turkey and duck recipe variations.
  • Good Dog by Wellness Tender Toppers: Make every meal special with Good Dog by Wellness Tender Toppers. Great as either a grain-free treat or mixed in with a meal, these toppers offer savory protein for more mealtime excitement and antioxidant vitamins for immune support and whole-body health. Choose from a beef and chicken or turkey and chicken recipe.

"Treating is one of the many joys of pet parenthood, and at Wellness Pet, we believe pets deserve to be treated well and pet parents deserve to feel confident in the treats they give. We're thrilled to welcome Good Dog by Wellness to the Wellness family of brands and introduce a portfolio of natural, purposeful and benefits-driven treats to create a better life between pets and pet parents," said Dr. Danielle Bernal, veterinarian at Wellness Pet Company. "It's our hope that pet parents never feel guilty about treating again with Good Dog by Wellness treats."

To learn more about Good Dog, please visit www.GoodDogbyWellness.com or @wellnesspetfood.



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