Jiminy's makes food donation

Jiminy's makes donation in honor of National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day.

Jiminy’s, the leading producer of insect-based protein dog food and treats, marked National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day (April 20) with a massive dog food donation to ten shelters across the United States. In total, Jiminy’s donated 8,750 pounds of their Good Grub dog food, which saved the planet roughly 3.5 million gallons of water. “Shelter dogs wait so patiently for the day they'll be adopted, so we decided to give them something they'll love to eat in the meantime” says Founder and CEO Anne Carlson. “Feeding these pups a wholesome diet (even for a little while) can greatly improve their health and quality of life while saving the planet countless gallons of water in this drought environment.” Below is a list of animal shelters that received food donations from Jiminy’s: 

• 4 Dogs Farm Rescue

• Tony La Russa's Animal Rescue Foundation

• Paws-to-Share

• Milo Foundation

• Marley's Mutts

• Family Dog Rescue

• Strength of Shadow Dog Rescue

• The Lovejoy Foundation • Dog Trekker

Jiminy's is proud to provide food to the shelter dogs who need it most, in the form of a superfood that saves water and tastes delicious. Switching a dog from a chicken diet to Good Grub saves over 500,000 gallons of water per year. The Good Grub food is made of insect protein powder, sweet potato, quinoa, oats, pumpkin and other plant-based ingredients. It’s formulated to focus on dog’s gut health and is both pre-biotic and hypoallergenic. Good Grub is suitable for all life stages, is soft baked and highly digestible.

Jiminy’s encourages its fans and customers to adopt not shop, which helps good dogs find loving homes. Each year, National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day on April 30th raises awareness for thousands of pets that are waiting to be adopted. Animal shelters require year-round assistance and adoption is a part of the process. The day also encourages you to visit a shelter near you and find your new fur baby. Visit with the shelter to consider all the needs the dog or cat requires for the long term. Jiminy’s assortment of sustainable dog foods and treats are sold in independent pet food retailers across the country and are available for purchase on Amazon, Chewy and Jiminys.com. Most recently, the brand has expanded its retail footprint to Petco stores and online. For more information about Jiminy’s, please visit www.jiminys.com. 


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