Kormotech sees pet food growth in 2022

Kormotech continues to see pet food growth.

"We continue to grow despite challenges and are moving toward victory. During the last nine months, we strengthened the presence of our brands in export markets while becoming a leader in the Ukrainian market," says Rostyslav Vovk, CEO of Kormotech.

After leaving the Belarusian market in March 2022, Kormotech redistributed its volumes among other export destinations. Brands sales on other markets but homeland have increased by 36% in dollars and 14% in tons compared to the same period in 2021.

Company exports products to 33 destinations and continues its growth in the strategic markets of the USA, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania and Moldova. 

Since spring, Kormotech has presented product innovations and shared its case of resilience at key industry exhibitions and forums in Europe, the USA and for the first time in South-East Asia. The company is seeing sales growth in the premium brands segment. Consumers started buying more premium and super-premium products for their pets.

In Ukraine, the significance of e-commerce has become more vital for customers. Sales shifted between the channels, and more pet parents started buying pet food online, which tripled in, while supermarkets didn't show growth compared to the same nine-month period in 2021. 

How the company operates 

Lithuania's factory operates at full capacity. We have stocks of the product in Lithuania, Poland and the USA, which allows us to provide the product to our partners and customers. The factories in Ukraine are equipped with power generators to work unstoppably.

Social Impact

A social gain of wartime: the launch of "Save Pets of Ukraine" unites the team, volunteers and Ukrainian and international partners, such as the U-Hearts Foundation, Greater Good Charities and others. Kormotech has saved more than 200,000 pets during wartime.

Also, Kormotech has undertaken to be the voice of the problem in the world. Currently, the company is publishing a book of stories, "Saving pets (and people) in Ukraine," which will be translated into different languages. The money collected from book sales will help cats and dogs in Ukraine.



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