'Canadian Pet Market Survey 2022' released

Canadian Pet Market Survey 2022 released.

Canadian Pet Market Survey 2022 focuses on dog and cat food, while also providing a topline overview of broader product purchasing rates, retail and Internet dynamics, use of veterinary and pet care services and pet ownership patterns.

This report on the Canadian pet industry draws primarily on a bilingual English/French survey conducted in September/October 2022 of 1,000 Canadian pet owners. 

Additional information was obtained from consultation with Canadian pet food industry insiders including PIJAC Canada and Canadian pet food market expert Serge Boutet of SBNutrinnov Consultants (Quebec), along with secondary research sources.

Despite the impact of COVID-19 and resulting inflationary conditions, Canadian pet owners have continued to spend on their pets. The indisputably high-value Canadian pet owners place on the animal companions in their lives translates to increased willingness to buy special products and services.

As the pandemic brought health and wellness issues front and center across myriad human markets, the same held true for pets, with owners becoming even more receptive to food, treats, other supplies and services with health and wellness benefits. The survey results show that among Canadian dog or cat owners, one-fourth (26%) strongly agreed that they were willing to spend more on pet foods with extra health and wellness benefits, and another 42% somewhat agreed.

Nearly two-thirds (65%) of Canadian pet owners reported spending more on pet products than they used to, whereas just over one-third (35%) agreed to some extent that they are spending less on pet products because of the economy--and only 12% strongly agreed.

Other factors impacting pet owner spending in the post-COVID economy include a heightened awareness of animal welfare and sustainability, the increasing role technology plays in the pet market and a growth of interest in alternative form pet foods such as fresh and frozen options.

Although at a slower rate than their U.S. counterparts, Canadian pet owners also continue to shift towards online purchases, with 23% of pet product sales coming from e-commerce. The internet's role in the pet industry goes beyond shopping, however, with pet product purchasers taking advantage of the convenience of online research to investigate pricing, check product options and exchange ideas on social media.


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