ProAmpac receives certification

CPM-2000 certification is helping close the circular economy loop.

ProAmpac, a leader in flexible packaging and material science, announces the USDA BioPreferred certification of its new ProActive Compostable CPM-2000 product (CPM-2000). This certification solidifies CPM-2000 as a pioneering technology platform in helping to close the circular economy loop. In addition, the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) awarded CPM-2000 with industrial compostable certification, underscoring its groundbreaking achievement in sustainability.

"The circularity of ProActive Compostable CPM-2000 is crucial, being both compostable and bio-sourced, supporting every stage of the circular economy," says Charles Golub, ProAmpac's food and beverage market manager. "It offers brands an excellent opportunity to communicate the genuine circularity of our packaging to consumers. By selecting ProAmpac, brands can initiate fact-based conversations with their customers about commercially available packaging products that contribute to a more environmentally conscious future," Golub added.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) website, the BioPreferred Program aims to promote the purchase and use of bio-based products. With an increasing focus on sustainable purchasing options, the USDA seeks to facilitate consumer identification of bio-based products. The USDA Certified Biobased Product label, prominently displayed on certified products, offers consumers valuable information regarding the product's bio-based content. Products and packages that bear this label have undergone third-party testing at independent laboratories and have earned USDA certification and approval to display the label.

“ProAmpac's compostable CPM-2000, which is also USDA certified 100% biobased material, is a groundbreaking solution for sustainable packaging. Currently, being commercially run on high-speed packing lines, CPM-2000 offers very high oxygen and moisture barrier for product protection and has excellent seal characteristics,” states Ray Recchia, innovation manager for sustainable paper packaging for ProAmpac.

“With its BPI and BioPreferred certifications, CPM-2000 sets a new standard for eco-conscious packaging solutions, demonstrating ProAmpac's commitment to innovation and sustainability,” says Recchia.

ProAmpac remains at the forefront of flexible packaging and material science. With its ProActive Sustainability suite of products, ProAmpac continuously develops solutions that prioritize sustainability without compromising product performance or consumer convenience.

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