Bunting-Newton partnering with Purdue University

Company is donating tech to the university's Department of Food Science.

Bunting-Newton is proud to assist the Department of Food Science, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, with its validation and testing of extruded high moisture meat analogs. The company is donating its latest,  state-of-art MeTRON 07 CI 550/200 Series Metal Detection system with an integrated control package to work with the department’s latest ZSK 27 Mv Plus Twin screw extruder.

Since 1959, Bunting has provided cutting-edge magnetic technology to support the operations of many different industries, from food processing to mining. Its latest offerings are precise hazard detection systems in the food industry as metal detectors. The greatest feature of the metal detectors from Bunting includes a triple frequency coil with an integrated control package and an IP69K Ingress Protection rating. The versatile, cutting-edge meTRON 07 Metal Detector is built for precision operations and can be 100% modified to suit the requirements of any application. The device works well with the DCM conveyor package, which can be used in any factory or food processing environment.

The adaptable, state of the art meTRON 07 Metal Detector is designed for precise operations and can be easily customized. It is built around basic, robust and simple-to-assemble components. Bunting Newton is honored to be a part of this endeavor, of Purdue Food Science, which is the first of its kind by any academic institution in the United States and partners with it through the donation of meTRON 07 Metal Detector valued at more than $45,000 to support the prime studies in the alternative protein foods sector.

“We are thrilled to participate in this unique program with the Department of Food Science, Purdue University. Our latest meTRON 07 metal detector and accompanying DCM conveyor will now be an integral part of the new ZSK extruder being used for process validation studies and training of industry professionals along with students at Purdue Food Science. We understand the paramount importance of this study in our food sector in the present context and support it by providing an equipment which is the latest in its class,” says Robert Bunting, president and CEO of BUNTING.

“This will be a great showcase platform for the technology that Bunting- Newton offers. Many industries and regulators will be working with Purdue Food Science and will be using our machine in their pilot plant experiments on high moisture meat analogs and witnessing our advanced features of metal detection for safe food production,” says Michael Wilks, global marketing director, Bunting Newton.

“Safe food production needs modern reliable equipment as the MeTRON 07 and we have always wished for an inspected space where foods can be manufactured for direct human consumption,” says Dr. Dharmendra Kumar Mishra, associate professor and director of Food Entrepreneurship and Manufacturing Institute (FEMI), Department of Food Science, Purdue University. He goes on to say “The equipment completes the critical controls required to produce safe foods for human and animal use through the ZSK extruder at the Purdue Food Science pilot plant. Additionally, this offers a singular opportunity for the industry to conduct FSMA-compliant pilot size human food trials at our pilot plant using our validated process on alternative plant- based proteins. This is a positive development for Indiana’s food security and safety because it utilizes alternative proteins in human diet.”

“The state of art MeTRON 07 CI 550/200 Series Metal Detection system with an integrated control package will support the first-ever attempts in academic and state history to use Purdue Food Science’s novel validation studies and procedures on thermally extruded high moisture plant based protein alternatives through the pilot scale equipment and will contribute to the positive growth of food safety in industry,” says Dr. Subhashis Chakraborty, who is heading the extruder's qualification and validation activities. He adds “The validation work is very relevant considering the alternative protein market in the USA has exceeded USD 60.45 billion in 2021 and estimated to grow at over 18.51% CAGR between 2023 and 2028.”

Allison Kingery, managing director of Food Entrepreneurship and Manufacturing Institute of Purdue University, says, “The new extruder replaces a working 25-year-old extruder, and we are looking forward to having a new, up to date extruder that includes new controls as advanced metal detection systems required for food safety studies. The researchers and students will certainly benefit from utilizing a metal detector with such exceptional reputation in the food industry.” 

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