ProDog Raw expanding its Exotics Range

Goat and goose are two new flavors now offered.

ProDog Rawspecialists and forward-thinkers when it comes to natural nutrition for dogs, are thrilled to be expanding its popular Exotics Range on the August 1st, with two new flavors: goat and goose.

These new additions to ProDog Raws Exotics Range of raw dog food are single, novel protein recipes containing hearty ratios of high-quality meat, whilst being infused with superfoods, green vegetables and hempseed oil. They are ideally suited to all dogs, including those with intolerances, a suspected or diagnosed yeast imbalance, allergies and fussy eaters.

ProDog Raws Exotics Range has been carefully formulated in collaboration with leading holistic vets, with these novel proteins being beneficial options for dogs with sensitivities and those on elimination diets. Some dogs are better suited to less commonly farmed meats and these new options boast unique, invaluable benefits.

Goat raw dog food is rich in essential minerals such as protein, iron, zinc, potassium, and vitamin B12. It is lower in fat than other red meat options, making this a perfect tool for weight management. Meanwhile, goose raw dog food is a nutritionally rich alternative to more traditional poultry meats such as chicken. Packed with B vitamins, goose meat is also rich in minerals such as selenium, iron, and zinc.

As ProDog Raw take great pride in supporting dog owners and helping our pets become the healthiest they can possibly be, their nutritionist is on hand to answer any questions customers might have. Simply visit their website for the teams contact details and prompt advice will be provided. Their experts understand the complex nuances of dogsdiets and how important they are to get right; as such, theyre available to offer support every step of the way.

ProDog Raws CEO, Heidi Maskelyne, says, "I founded ProDog Raw with a vision to create a company that is entirely driven by dogsneeds. Every product we create is formulated alongside industry-leading experts; we listen to their advice and ownersconcerns to make food that really works. Exotic meats are fantastic options for dogs with intolerances and sensitivities, or even picky eaters. They are packed quality ingredients, whilst being lower fat than most traditional options. With this in mind, we were determined to expand our Exotics Range. I am thrilled with the success of this collection so far–it reflects how effective the food is–and I am looking forward to seeing countless dogsbenefit from these new, nutritionally-rich meals."

With two new meal options, ProDog Raws Exotic Bundles have also been given a makeover. From August 1, in every 15kg bundle customers will receive 9 goose meals, 8 venison meals, 9 wild boar meals, and 4 goat meals. Per every 25kg bundle, customers will receive 14 goose meals, 12 venison meals, 16 wild boar meals, and 8 goat meals. Buying bundles can save you up to 16% and they come with free delivery, whilst subscribing offers an additional 5% off every order.

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