Grubbly Farms expands product line

Company is catering to the backyard chicken market.

Grubbly Farms has improved and expanded its backyard chicken product line to include two water supplements, an Omega-rich feed topper and a re-engineered Grubblies World Harvest, which are oven-dried grub snacks for chickens.

The new products include:

  • Prebiotics + Probiotics: a water-soluble supplement that ensures optimal gut health for healthy digestion and nutrient absorption, recommended year-round, especially in times of stress.
  • Vitamins + Electrolytes: a water-soluble supplement that supports health, wellness and hydration throughout all seasons. Recommended year-round use, especially times of stress and heat waves.
  • Omega Mix: a feed topper or snack formulated to naturally promote omega-rich eggs. The mix includes the signature oven-dried black soldier fly grubs in addition to natural omega-rich ingredients and superfoods such as flaxseed, chia, black sunflower seeds, marigolds, broccoli and carrots.
  • Grubblies World Harvest: a snack of black soldier fly grubs for chickens, customer feedback revealed a clear preference for puffier, golden grubs. With zero sacrifice to quality, Grubbly Farms made changes to the baking process to achieve precise desired results.

The new and improved products were made available in Q3 2023 and can be purchased on The product expansion is part of Grubbly Farms' larger mission to continue to lead as the premium brand for direct-to-consumer pet chicken feed. Backyard chickens are American's third most favorite pet, trailing dogs and cats. Small backyard flock owners care deeply about the ingredients in their feed. The latest addition to the product family is Omega Mix.

"Omega Mix is the first product of its kind and has been specially formulated to not only address and aid the health of your flock, but also you," said Co-Founder Patrick Pittaluga. "By supplementing your feed with Omega Mix, you can now increase the omega-3 content of your eggs. We're incredibly excited to bring all of these new products to market."

Grubbly Farms is committed to building a comprehensive line of all-natural nutrition for pet flocks, free of low-quality grains, sprays, additives and animal byproducts.

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