Nulo Pet Foods announces new exec

Roger Lund will spearhead the global business expansion efforts.

Nulo Pet Foods, a leader in performance nutrition, has appointed industry veteran Roger Lund to spearhead its global business expansion efforts. With a focus on key growth regions in Asia, Europe and Latin America, Lund brings over 20 years of experience in international sales, supply chain management and procurement from renowned brands such as Solid Gold, Nature’s Variety and Mars.

Lund's expertise lies in optimizing supply chains, reducing costs and ensuring regulatory compliance, all of which are crucial for expanding Nulo's presence in new markets. Michael Landa, Nulo's founder and CEO, expressed confidence in Lund's ability to accelerate growth, particularly in Asia where Lund has previously led successful market entries.

Acknowledging Lund's talent for building strong relationships across diverse cultures, Dr. Greg Aldrich, Nulo's chief operating officer, highlighted Lund's role in strategically implementing Nulo products across various distribution channels and retail platforms worldwide.

Nulo offers a comprehensive range of premium pet foods, including grain-free and ancient grain kibble, freeze-dried raw, wet foods and supplements. The company's commitment to quality and innovation aligns with the evolving preferences of pet parents globally.

As Nulo sets its sights on international expansion, Lund's appointment underscores the company's dedication to delivering nutritious and innovative pet food solutions to pets worldwide.

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