Pet food industry transparency means ‘not hiding reality’

Bloggers, online forums, trend promoters and other compete with veterinarians, pet food companies and retailers to inform pet owners.

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Pet food companies benefit when they share information with the public and don’t seem like they are hiding anything, said Henriette Bylling, CEO of Aller Petfood Group, in a video from Petfood Forum 2018.

“We can't hide reality,” she said. “Reality cannot always be sugarcoated and that's what we have to admit to.”

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For the pet food industry to accomplish that transparency, companies should be less selfish as brands, she said.

“We shouldn't always share information and make marketing with the sole purpose of sales, sales, sales,” she said. “We should also share knowledge. Yes, I understand it makes one vulnerable. We have to open up about some of the top secret information. It is a bit scary, I understand. But it's important, because if we don't open up about it, and they find out in other ways, they are losing trust in us. Not us as a company, but potentially in the whole trade.”

Internet sources of information about pet food

Pet parent have always craved more information when selecting premium and superpremium pet foods, because choosing a brand and variety entails a complex decision making process, she said. However, before the spread of the internet, pet owners didn’t have access to nearly as wide an array of sources. Now, bloggers, online forums, trend promoters and other compete with veterinarians, pet food companies and retailers to inform pet owners.

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Not all of those sources are good, though, Bylling said. The mentality of the consumer has changed, rendering them less critical of the source of information. Pet owners go online, ask their friend google, then fail to assess wether the information is correct, biased or absolutely flawed. 

“So, I believe we as a trade, we need to be able to balance out the information on the internet, so they can gain an insight into what's actually going on…

“You don't want the consumer to find out. You want to be able to say it…

“Say what you do and do what you say,” Bylling said. “You don't need any more tips than that.”

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