Cat food brand organizing first Mexico City cat parade

Cat food brand Neovia Mexico is organizing the first cat parade in Mexico City to influence pet owners and overall visitors about better care for cats.

Neovia Mexico is organizing the country's first cat parade to raise awareness of cat abandonment. (adogslifephoto |
Neovia Mexico is organizing the country's first cat parade to raise awareness of cat abandonment. (adogslifephoto |

Overall, pets, and particularly cats, are becoming increasingly important to pet owners and pet lovers alike; moreover, pets are taking on previously unimaginable scenarios.

Neovia Mexico, a company acquired by Archer Daniels Midland, and its cat food umbrella brand Minino, is organizing the first cat parade in Mexico City. The exhibition will kick off on August 10 and run through September 10 in two locations of the city, starting in Parque Mexico, and then moving to Parque Lincoln, with both venues located in affluent neighborhoods.

According to a company press release, the mission of the event is raising awareness to prevent cat carelessness and abandonment. Moreover, it is commemorative of "international cat day," celebrated on August 8.

The exhibition also includes music pieces inspired by nine local composers, each one capturing the essence of these animals and their importance in our lives.

It is remarkable that Neovia, the third-biggest company in cat food sales in Mexico, is tackling down the heightened pet abandonment problem in the country. Furthermore, the event is exclusively focused on cats and cat owners.

Currently, Minino is one of the fastest-growing cat food brands in the country, supported by an ample distribution network in the modern and traditional channels.

The cat food market is gaining momentum

Triplethree International estimates that the cat population represents just one-third of the total dog population. Although Mexicans prefer dogs over cats, in recent years the cat population increased more dynamically.

Cats are becoming more popular due to favorable demographic conditions and a shortage of available space for pet ownership in the big cities. Thus, it is not surprising that the cat food market is posting faster growth rates than dog food.

Nearly 10 years ago, there were just a couple of brands of cat food in the marketplace. This situation changed as more dog food producers were interested in entering in the cat food market.

Neovia's exhibition likely influences pet owners and overall visitors about the importance of adequate care of cats, and perhaps, more locals become appealed by the cat momentum.

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