Pet industry continues to find purpose in pandemic shift

Learn how the pet food industry is carrying on in the waves of the COVID-19 pandemic, and how the latest research and trends are modeling those shifts.

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The pet food industry, as always, grows and evolves alongside global challenges. | Jus_Ol I
The pet food industry, as always, grows and evolves alongside global challenges. |
Jus_Ol I

A full year has passed since our last directory issue, and there’s no doubt the world, and our industry alongside it, have changed.

Pet food has done a pretty good job making the most of those changes so far, and these pages provide opportunities to catch up and do more. First off, of course, is the annual Reference and Buyer’s Guide, providing detailed listings of pet food industry supplier contacts and products and services. Second, this issue give you insights on two industry hot spots: e-commerce and research.

E-commerce in pet food

It’s well known by now that the pandemic sent shopping patterns into a frenzy, and e-commerce certainly seemed to come out on top. On p. xx you can read about some of the latest statistics from Packaged Facts on where e-commerce is currently fitting into the pet shopping space. Then, for an international view of things, take a look at two perspectives — from Mexico and South Korea — regarding just a few ways e-commerce has affected their pet markets.

The latest pet food nutrition research

There’s a lot going on in the world of pet food nutrition, as well, and we’re continuing to cover the breadth and depth of it. Whether your interests lie more toward the ever-growing insect/alternative protein trend, the idea of rotation diets or the complexity of the microbiome, you can read up in this issue.

The rotation diet philosophy in particular was part of a larger discussion during a recent “Ask the Pet Food Pro” Zoom chat presented by Petfood Forum. This series of chats with various industry experts has been ongoing since the end of April 2021 to great success and has covered a wide range of topics. If you’re interested in learning more, check out recorded past sessions or sign up for one of the remaining sessions at

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