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Animal Cancer Center seeks overweight dogs for petfood study

Colorado State University researchers are seeking overweight dogs to participate in a new weight-loss study, conducted by the Animal Cancer Center, to determine if a new petfood can be digested more easily and is effective in reducing hunger.

During the study, dogs will be given three regular blood tests for signs that the food also helps prevent cancer and is suitable for dogs with allergies. The dogs will also receive the specially formulated diet for one month. Participating dogs will be required to visit the Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA for the blood tests and physical exams. Pet owners will be required to measure their pet's food intake and collect fecal samples.

To participate, dogs must be otherwise in good health, be between 2 and 7 years old, weigh more than 22 pounds, and have a body-condition score between six and nine. Participating owners will get a US$50 credit toward any services or product offered at the teaching hospital. For more information on the trial, call +1.970.297.4144 or email

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