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Glowing dog food in New Zealand blamed on bioluminescent bacteria

Glowing dog food discovered by a New Zealand woman might be due to sea-based bioluminescent bacteria, according to microbiologist Siouxsie Wiles.

A fluorescent blue glow was emanating from a pair of Jimbo's Pet Food bones Fiona Wallis bought for her dog. Jimbo's is considering a recall, but the exact cause of the glowing is still being investigated. The bones are kept in a kind of brine during production, which is hospitable to certain sea bacteria. While there are a couple strains of bacteria that could be dangerous, said Wiles, that's not likely the case with this particular strain.

Jimbo's general manager, Dave Allan, said the glowing meat was packaged at the beginning of September, so most of the product has likely been consumed. "We are not aware of any risks to the animals," he said.

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