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Hill's Pet Nutrition extends partnership with Minnesota Urolith Center

Hill's Pet Nutrition Inc. has extended its partnership with the Minnesota Urolith Center (MUC) to reduce the worldwide incidence of urinary disease in companion animals and to enhance the global veterinary care of pets with urinary tract disorders.

Through its continuing partnership with the MUC, which is part of the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine, Hill's provides financial support, enabling the MUC to offer stone analysis at no cost to veterinarians anywhere in the world, and through global Hill's divisions and distributors provides transport of samples to the MUC. Hill's has also partnered with the MUC in a new initiative to create a multi-language website, making urolith submission simpler and more convenient for veterinarians anywhere in the world.

"This support from Hill's Pet Nutrition has enabled us to do what we do best: support veterinarians in their mission to accurately diagnose, treat and prevent urinary tract diseases with the most effective and compassionate therapies," said Professor Jody Lulich, co-director of the MUC.

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