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Silliker offers promotion on petfood process validation studies

Silliker is offering a 10% off promotion on Pet Food Process Validation Studies contracted before June 1, 2015, with the company's Food Science Center team.

Process validation studies vary in complexity, according to Silliker. The most complex studies allow for the most long-term flexibility since they create the ability to predict lethality for a range of processing temperatures, while the most simple validate current processing parameters. The Silliker Food Science Center can design and conduct process validation studies to meet business needs customized for a specific product, critical control points and business goals.

Options include:

  • Literature review to summarize published findings that may pertain to process and product
  • Design and execution of D- and Z-value studies which give the most long-term flexibility for processing
  • In-plant validation studies including selection of an appropriate surrogate organism for product and processing temperature range

To take advantage of the 10% discount offer, contact Silliker.

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