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Charlee Bear Pet Products changes corporate name

Effective immediately, Charlee Bear Pet Products, purveyors of Charlee Bear Dog Treats and Hound & Gatos Natural Dinners for Pets, will be known as Gott Pet Products, LLC. According to General Manager Patrick McGarry, the name change reflects the fact that the company is fast becoming a marketer of multiple brands. “While we are enormously proud of our Charlee Bear heritage, we intend to further expand our brand portfolio as our business continues to grow and thrive. With that said, operations for both brands will remain the same for our customers.”

The Wisconsin-based, family-owned company will be renamed Gott Pet Products in honor of the company’s principal owner and president, Peter Gottsacker, who has owned Charlee Bear Natural Treats for more than 15 years. Gottsacker has helped make Charlee Bear the national brand it is today. The new branding embodies a company that is creating a foundation for new opportunities, while remaining extremely committed to the pet industry. For Gott Pet Products this is just the beginning, as the brand looks forward to introducing new package designs, along with new products, from both Charlee Bear and Hound & Gatos later this year.

Charlee Bear Original and Bear Crunch dog treats are natural snacks that are perfect for treating or training. Made in the USA, these treats are Pocket Perfect, which means they can be kept in a pet owner’s pocket without crumbling, leaving smells or staining, and because they’re low-calorie, pet parents don’t have to worry overindulgence. Offered in a variety of savory flavors, these tasty treats have a unique crunch dogs will love.

The Hound & Gatos line is designed to cater to the carnivorous instincts of dogs and cats with uniquely simple food, full of nutrition. The only ingredients in their canned recipes are real meat, vitamins and minerals, the same nutrients their Paleolithic ancestors thrived on. These ancestral formulations recreate this diet for cats and dogs to enjoy.

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