How pet food marketing analytics can boost business

Pet food marketers in Latin America and around the world can benefit from using AI and other marketing analytics tools.

Pfi marketing Business Idea Breakthrough
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The largest consumer products companies utilize marketing analytics techniques to predict consumer behavior and, most importantly, to efficiently allocate marketing resources that lead to repurchasing and brand loyalty.

With the increasing availability of online (and retail) information in Latin America and the ability to purchase pet food through virtual channels, pet owners in the region (as in the rest of the world) now have access to plenty of product information. Furthermore, consumer behavior online generates data that regional companies can use to develop knowledge models about the consumer’s purchasing journey and final decision.

Such raw information is valuable and requires further analysis with the appropriate analytics tools.

AI about to change pet food marketing budgets in Latin America

Consumer knowledge for companies will significantly improve as more readily available data enables more precise and personalized consumer analysis, including through newer technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI).

For example, suppose a pet food manufacturer in Brazil or Mexico performs consumer data analysis and discovers that dog owners in a specific demographic segment have an increasing preference for human-grade and healthy pet food. With this information, the manufacturer can fine-tune the product portfolio and launch a targeted advertising campaign highlighting the benefits of such a nutritious diet for dogs. This type of personalized approach allows companies to build a strong connection with customers and make a significant impact on their purchasing decisions.

AI and marketing analytics: Impossible to ignore

The difference between using and not using marketing analytics in the pet food industry lies in the efficiency and maximization of sales. Recent literature demonstrates that market segmentation using analytic tools improves the overall financial performance of companies. Therefore, having the power to understand pet owners’ preferences in detail is paramount.

Marketing analytics in pet food provide valuable insights into purchase patterns, emerging trends and hidden opportunities. Again, with such data, companies can create highly appealing products and tailor advertising campaigns to captivate their customers.

But that’s not all. Marketing analytics also enable the evaluation of promotional campaigns. How much return on investment (ROI) is a pet food company achieving with its marketing strategies? With these answers available, pet food manufacturers can adjust their tactics and maximize resources to ensure sustained growth in the competitive pet food market.

Don’t be afraid if you hear terms such as decision trees, machine learning algorithms and market segmentation in pet food. Sooner rather than later, companies will need to adopt marketing analytics tools in the AI era.

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